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Thank you for considering Maigue Management Consulting (MMC) to assist you in optimizing the potential of your most important asset – your people!

We listen to you to understand your organization and the pinch points that are holding the business back from achieving its full potential. We recognize that your core competency may not be in the Human Resources area. Our goal is to leverage our 30 years of experience to provide a practical, solution-based approach to ensure you have a motivated, engaged team that will drive your organization to new heights.

Our HR Packages


12 months
250 per month
  • Full HR Audit
  • 4 Hours Phone Support
  • One visit Per Quarter
  • Extra Visit €100 per Visit


12 months
300 per month
  • Full HR Audit
  • 6 Hours Phone Support
  • Webinar Support 3 Hours


12 months
450 per month
  • Full HR Audit
  • 24/7 Support - 8 Hours
  • Webinar Support
  • 1 Visit per Month

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HR Support Services

At MMC we provide your company with a fully resources HR department to handle all your requirement without the expensive overhead of an inhouse HR Manager. You may require some or all of the services outlined below and each can be delivered individly or grouped together depending on your needs.

HR Audits

Give your organization a HR checkup! We will conduct a thorough review of your current HR policies, procedures, documents, and systems.

Contracts of Employment

We prepare the full range of Contracts of Employment tailored to your organization and ensuring full compliance to employment legislation.

Employee Handbooks

The Employee Handbook is a “one stop shop” where the key HR Policies & Procedures as well as general information needed for your team is contained.

Induction Processes

We will tailor induction processes to ensure that this is a positive and engaging experience for all stakeholders.

Performance Management

We design, train and assist in the deployment of a performance management process which ensures that your team deliver against your organization goals and objectives.

Onsite & Phone Support

Depending on your requirements we can provide an onsite support from a half day to a regular presence depending on your requirement.

Employment Law advice

When you have a particular issue that arises you can contact us and we will talk you through the best approach to resolve the issue ensuring that you stay compliant to the employment legislation.

Mentoring and Coaching

We provide a full range of Mentoring and Coaching services across the organisation from Senior, Middle and Junior staff to enable you to deliver you and your teams full potential.


Where a workplace dispute arises mediation can often resolve the issue without escalating the issue. MMC can offer an impartial service aimed as bringing the parties together and seeking an amicable resolution.

Workplace Investigations

We conduct full third-party investigations into grievances in your organization and will provide comprehensive reports to the organization.


We can conduct a training needs assessment in the organization and put a full training plan together in consulation with you to fit your budget and requirements.

EAT, WRC rePresentation

MMC can represent your organization through the full formal processes and ensure that the organization is professionally represented.

Outplacement service

Your organization may need to downsize manage some staff out of your organization. We provide advise on the whole process and provide a full outplacement services which includes career planning, job search methodology, CV preparation, interview preparation, and financial planning.

Visa applications

There are a number of key roles where there is a shortage of key skills available from the Irish Labour market. In these cases we may need to attract these skillsets from outside Ireland and even outside the EU. This means that we may need to assist in the processing of Visa application for these critical skills employees. 


We conduct full GDPR audits and ensure that your company is in full compliance with GDPR Regulations and guidelines. The protection of personal data is a key area that we find is not a strength of many SMEs which may leave your organization open to significant issues.

Employee Recruitment

We offer a full end to end Recruitment package which takes the stress and reduces the time required to find the correct candidate for your organization.

Job Design

By listening and understanding your needs we can design the job around the key tasks you need to be completed with the competencies, skills and experience to deliver for your organization.

Job Description

This will be created based on the Job Design and will provide prospective candidates with information around the main duties of the role along with the requirements for the job.


Benchmarking of total remuneration package against the market will ensure that you are competitive and not out of step with your competition

Job Advertising

tailored to your budget and optimized to reach your target audience.

Shortlisting of Candidates

We will only present the candidates that most closely match your requirements saving your valuable time.

Psychometric Testing

Тests designed to assist in understanding the competencies and skillset of the candidates

Competency Based Interviewing

This is an advanced form of interviewing designed to get the candidate to demonstrate their competencies from the use of examples and scenarios.

Job Offer

We will prepare the formal offer of employment with your Organisation


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